Mental Health Clinic in Miami

Buxani Counseling Care is the best mental health clinic in Miami. They have a team of experienced therapists to treat mental illness. The clinic offers a variety of services to its clients. They provide individual and group therapy and family counseling sessions. The clinic has a warm and welcoming environment, and the staff is very professional and helpful. If you are searching for a therapist near me, then Buxani counseling care would be the best option in Miami. They provide the best quality mental health services to patients. Rachana is a mental health counselor and has been practising for the last 20 years. Unfortunately, they don’t provide clinical mental health counseling to patients with clinical issues. They are an experienced mental health clinic near Brooklyn.

Mental health clinic near me

Mental health is an integral part of a healthy society, and individuals must have access to the resources they need to maintain mental wellness. A mental health clinic provides comprehensive services for those facing mental health disorders. These mental health clinics are often part of a more extensive healthcare system created by the government and international institutions advocating better awareness of mental health conditions. Buxani Counseling Care offers education about mental health benefits and treats mental disorders. at their Miami Mental Health Clinic.

Mental health therapist near me

They also have a concept of mental health awareness month, where they provide mental health awareness to the community around them. Their mental health services include a free therapy session for the mental health awareness month. Their mental health therapist will understand your challenges and provide the appropriate remedy. There are many mental health clinics in Miami. Rachana writes mental health articles for publications. Here she takes up a variety of mental health issues among teens. Buxani counseling care has the best Miami counseling and mental health clinic. It has a team of the best counselors in Miami and have a walk-in mental health clinic for patients.

Mental health clinician

Mental health clinicians are active mental health professionals who specialize in providing psychological services to individuals and families. They collaborate with other healthcare providers, such as physicians, nurses, social workers, and therapists, to ensure proper patient care. They provide mental health services to all age groups of people. T They help people understand their emotions better so they can make sound decisions in life. In therapy sessions with clients, they offer guidance on developing coping strategies for individuals experiencing emotional disorders. They treat psychological symptoms such as depression, aggression, phobia, borderline personality order, and other mental health problems. Their help shows improvement in overall well-being and positive mental health. Mental health clinicians also provide support services such as referrals for additional resources like consumer health publications and community organizations and information on health insurance plans, including public/private options for mental health coverage. You can visit Buxani Care anytime.

Mental health care professionals

Buxani Counseling care has a team of experienced mental health professionals. They offer various services to help their patients with their mental health needs. They also provide various educational resources to help their patients learn more about mental health and how to manage their symptoms. There are many mental health benefits if you go to a counselor. Buxani counseling care is a federally qualified health centre for counseling and therapy.

Buxani Counseling Care is the best licensed mental health counselor

Buxani Counseling Care is the best licensed mental health counselor in Miami. They have a team of experienced therapists to treat mental illness. Buxani Counseling Care has been in business for over 20 years and is accredited by the National Board for Certified Counselors. They provide immediate mental health services to patients in need of emergency. Buxani Counseling Care offers various services to help you cope with your mental illness. They offer individual, group, and family counseling. They also provide art therapy, which is very helpful for people with mental illness. They accept most major insurance plans.

Mental Health Therapists in Miami

At Buxani Counseling Care, we have a team of experienced mental health therapists who can help you heal from the challenges you are facing. We offer various services to our clients, including individual therapy, couples therapy, family therapy, and group therapy. We also provide specialized services, such as trauma therapy and EMDR. So no matter your challenges, we can help you find the healing you need.

Cognitive therapist online

Regarding cognitive therapy, Buxani Counseling care is the best in the business. They have a team of highly experienced and qualified therapists who can help you treat mental illness effectively. Cognitive therapist online services are becoming increasingly popular as they offer a convenient and effective way to receive treatment. Buxani Counseling care provides a health plan via video call so that you can receive treatment from your home. Are you looking for a cognitive therapist online? Look no further than Buxani Counseling care. We have a team of highly experienced therapists who can help you effectively treat mental illness. Our services are offered via video call so you can receive treatment from home. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you achieve your mental health goals.

Miami Counselors for couples

Buxani Counseling care is the best mental health Clinic in Miami. They have a team of an experienced therapist to treat mental illness for couples. If you are going through a challenging relationship, consider seeking help from a professional. Buxani Counseling care offers counseling services for couples who are dealing with a variety of issues. For example, they help teams with communication problems, infidelity, and financial stress. First, the therapist at the clinic will work with you to identify the root of your problem. After that, they will develop a plan to help you improve your relationship.

Mental health therapist

oday mental health in America is growing issues for all the authorities. Mental health therapists specialize in helping individuals and families understand and manage their mental health. The primary goal of a mental health therapist is to provide support, education, and treatment services to those struggling with psychological issues. Mental health therapists often employ cognitive behavioural therapy, humanistic therapy, psychotherapy, family counseling, or holistic therapies to help clients address their issues. One key element of a successful mental health therapeutic approach is the establishment of a balanced family hierarchy. This hierarchical structure allows families to establish healthy relationships within their unit while providing an understanding of each individual’s needs and expectations. Buxani Care is a mental health centre that serves mental distress for adults, children and families.

Mental Health Therapy for teens

Buxani Counseling care offers various mental health therapy services for teens in Miami. Their team of experienced therapists can help treat a range of mental illnesses. They offer individual and group therapy sessions, family therapy, and counseling. In addition to their traditional therapy services, they also provide art therapy, an effective treatment for mental illness. If you or your teen is struggling with mental illness, don’t hesitate to contact Buxani Counseling care for help. They are the right counselors for teenagers looking for counseling sessions. In addition, there are many physical health benefits for mentally fit teens. As a result, they overcome mental health challenges much more quickly. They also would need significantly less mental health treatment for recovery.

Florida teen therapy center

Are you looking for a qualified therapist in Miami? Buxani Counseling care is the best mental health Clinic in Miami. They have a team of an experienced therapist to treat mental illness. The team at Buxani Counseling care is committed to helping individuals and families find the hope and healing they need to live healthy and productive lives. Buxani Counseling care offers various services, including individual, family, couples, and group therapy. They also offer a teen therapy process specially designed to meet the unique needs of teenagers. So, if you’re looking for a qualified therapist in Miami, look no further than Buxani Counseling care. They have a variety of teenage counseling activities for teens. These are a part of the integrated mental health services they provide patients.

Mental Health Counseling Miami

Mental health counseling in Miami is necessary for many residents. The city is known for its hectic pace and stressful environment, which can affect one’s mental state. A mental health professional can help to provide relief from these symptoms and offer guidance on how to cope with them.

Therapist near me

Many mental health counseling services are available in Miami. These include individual therapy, group therapy, and family counseling. For example, you can find Buxani Counseling when you search therapist for anxiety near me on google. Each type of service has its benefits and can be tailored to the needs of the individual. Besides other common mental health issues, mental health concerns and counseling, teen counseling is crucial.
Family therapists near me
A family therapist specializes in helping families work through tough times, create healthy communication patterns, and maintain strong relationships. Family size is not a concern for them. Whether you have a small nuclear family or extended relatives all living in the same house, having a trained individual to help guide your conversations can make all the difference in maintaining positive relationships between all family members. Family therapy is full of challenges because one wrong step can break a family. Buxani Care is a federally qualified health center that provides mental health services. We encourage you to come forward and access family therapy programs. Your mental health impacts your physical health too.
Counseling center
A behavioural health services therapist in Miami can help individuals with their psychological services and needs through individual counseling and online therapy. Marriage counseling in Miami is an excellent resource for couples looking to strengthen their relationships or help them cope with the pressures of life. Many couples need professional guidance and assistance, whether it’s due to financial strain, communication issues, or long-term stress. At the local common psychological disorders mental health treatment centre, couples can receive counseling from licensed professionals specializing in marital therapy.
Family counseling service
Family counseling services allow individuals and families to address their family problems and build healthier relationships. For those struggling with family issues, whether it be communication breakdowns, conflict resolution, or grief and loss, family therapy sessions can help find positive solutions. Family counseling services are designed for individuals of all ages within the same family unit to explore their feelings and perspectives in a safe environment. Within these sessions, a trained counselor will work with each individual to help them understand how their thoughts and behaviors may contribute to the problem and how they can change these behaviour patterns to improve family relationships.
Family therapy near me
Family therapy is an excellent option for couples and families struggling with issues on different levels that require professional help. Couple counselors often trace emotional imbalances to the couples’ childhood and family conflicts they saw then. Family therapy and consultation services help you gain insight into the family dynamics enabling you to develop effective strategies for dealing with it. Family therapy theories serve as the basis for all family therapy modalities. There are five widely recognized family therapy modalities: Structural Therapy, Milan therapy, Strategic Therapy, Narrative Therapy, and Transgenerational Therapy. Buxani Care is a family therapy center that employs different family therapy techniques to enhance your mental health. So try family therapy online if that is more convenient for you. Experience our family therapy benefits and get different family problems solved. After a few sessions, you will also notice the physical health benefits because your mental health is connected to physical health.
Couple counseling
Couples therapy, also known as marriage counseling, is becoming increasingly popular for couples struggling in their relationship. It can help to bridge communication gaps, overcome challenges, and provide a safe space to address any underlying issues that may be causing problems in the marriage. In a marriage counseling session, partners can work together to identify patterns and behaviours that make them feel disconnected or unhappy. Are you having marriage problems? Looking for a relationship coach that won’t break the bank? Buxani Care is here to provide you with online marriage counseling. As a Mental Health Clinic in Miami our exertise are in counseling couples suffering conflicts.
Marriage counseling near me
Marriage counseling is essential for couples struggling in their relationship. Healthy relationships only form with effort. Couples can expect a marriage counselor to ask them questions designed to get to the root of any issues, such as those based on emotionally focused therapy. Through this process, couples can work together to identify areas where they can improve communication and develop healthier habits for their relationship. Marriage counseling is an invaluable tool for couples struggling with relationship challenges. It is designed to help couples navigate the rough seas of marriage and develop stronger bonds. Positive psychology therapy guides the process and is an evidence-based approach to improving partner relationships. This type of counseling also helps couples understand each other better, identify issues in their relationship, and work through them using effective communication techniques. Type ‘marriage counselor near me, and you will find Buxani Care at your service. In addition, we provide relationship therapy and couple counseling online.
Miami counseling and Mental Health Clinic in Miami
There are many counseling centres in Miami, but Buxani is one of the best Miami counseling centres and also has the best therapists in Miami. Are you in need of family therapy or couples counseling in Miami? The therapists at Buxani counseling care are here to provide the supportive, compassionate assistance you need. They also have the best Miami therapists. Our experienced and knowledgeable team offers a variety of services to help strengthen families and improve relationships.
Teenage therapist near me
In today’s world, teens need access to mental health practitioners who can provide supportive and depression therapy. Virtual therapy has become increasingly popular among teenagers, and the demand for experienced therapists is growing. As a result, more and more qualified mental health specialists are entering the field of teenage therapy. These professionals are dedicated to providing tailored treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of teenagers. The adolescent years are a time of transition and growth, filled with ups and downs. While these years can be exciting and full of opportunity, they can also be challenging to navigate without the proper support. That’s where a teenage therapist comes in – providing psychological treatment to help teens through this challenging period of life. Buxani Care offers therapy services and will work you through a health insurance plan. Feel free to walk in directly. After a few therapy sessions, you will feel the difference in your mental health.
Treating Mental Illness with Compassion and Fortitude at Buxani Counseling Care
Personalized care for Mental Health
At Buxani Counseling Care we understand that mental health issues are unique to everyone. That is why we personalize our treatment plans to fit the specific needs of each client. Our team includes licensed therapists and counselors ready to support you in person or through telehealth sessions.
We provide therapeutic services for the mental health needs of individuals, couples, teens, children, LGBTQ individuals, and families.
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Our team of experienced therapists is here to provide you with the personalized care and support you need.
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We take a mindful and caring therapy approach to assist our clients through their mental health journey.
Buxani Counseling Care is a mental health clinic providing therapeutic services to individuals, teens, children, couples, and families.
Buxani Counseling Care offers a diverse team of mental health professionals to cater to the unique needs of their clients. Their team includes licensed mental health therapists and counselors.
At Buxani Counseling Care our mental health professionals provide individual, family, and group therapy as well as crisis interventions, assessments, and other specialized services.

Buxani Counseling Care is located at 9700 S Dixie Hwy #880, Miami, FL 33156, United States.

No, Buxani Counseling Care does not have an app.
Yes! services are covered by various insurance at Buxani Counseling Care
Yes! Many individuals find that a combination of counseling and medication provides the most effective treatment for their mental health concerns.
Our fees vary depending on factors such as session length and type of service provided (individual, couples, family therapy). We do offer competitive rates and accept various insurance plans. Please contact us for more information on specific pricing.
Google Review
awesome clinic, love my experience with them.
Olive Miller
Olive Miller
Felt so welcomed!
Highly recommend Buxani for all your mental health needs. Great office vibe & staff. I have been seeing Jovanie for some time now now, and I can honestly say I'm in a much better place! Thank you
vee !
vee !
My daughter has been seeing Melissa for over a year and has made great progress with her anxiety and depression. She is kind and effective with my daughter. Front office staff is always cheerful and patient. Even waiting room is soothing w music, diffuser and tea!
Rosa Zurita-Hornburg
Rosa Zurita-Hornburg
Buxani Counseling was recommended by a current client. It was heaven sent. I called them in my most desperate hour of need and although they were full, Patty, sensed the dire need our family had and she made miracles happen. That same day we got an appointment and although there are still issues in our family to work through, Melissa and Patty gave us hope and the guidance we needed. Melissa is young and connects with our youngest in a way that we cannot. I am thankful for her patience. Patty always makes you feel heard and loved. She is the MVP at Buxani, in my eyes.I am eternally grateful for them. The office atmosphere is dreamy. You feel peace the moment you walk into the office. I feel blessed to be a part of Buxani Counseling.
Caitlyn Dell Amico
Caitlyn Dell Amico
Staff is absolutely amazing! Very welcoming and Melissa is a sweetheart. She truly cares about her patients and goes above and beyond for them. Front staff is also wonderful. There is a positive and tranquil environment right when you walk in. So lucky to have found them.
saida vidal
saida vidal
I’ve been coming here for a couple months now and i can only say great things! Patty is the front desk and she is incredibly nice, helpful and she cares. I work with Katie and she is amazing as well. Instead of it feeling like a doctor/patient conversation, she talks to you as if you were a friend while still keeping it professional.
Very kind, attentive, and friendly staff. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of counseling.
Kristen Latham
Kristen Latham
I loved my time ar Buxani Counceling Care so much. Katie helped me through a very stressful time in my life. I am a better and stronger person for the time I spent here. Lovely office atmosphere that helped to put me in a calm space emotionally before my visits. I recommend this office to all my friends who are contemplating therapy.
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