Fear – The Silent Killer

Fear – The Silent Killer
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In unsettling times, one of the most common emotion we have is FEAR. We believe that fear is a normal and acceptable reaction to troubling times. However, fear results in compromising our immune system leaving us susceptible to attracting that what we are most afraid of physical.

In our day to day lives we experience fear but not on a constant basis, and this still results in compromising our immune system where we find ourselves falling sick. We hardly find someone today who is not taking medication on a regular basis to combat some illness. And this is not related to age either. We can have an 80-year-old person completely healthy since he is mentally, emotionally and spiritually strong. He has not spent too much time thinking negative thoughts. While, we can have a 20-year-old who is constantly sick since he allows negative thoughts of fear and anxiety to control his mind.

While we can’t necessary control what is happening around us, we can control what is happening within us. We have about 70,000 to 80,000 thoughts in a day. But during a crisis with constant information we are probably creating even more thoughts. Let’s pay attention to the kind of information we are exposing our selves to. We keep away from people by socially distancing so as not to catch the virus, however we put no thought into surrounding ourselves with messages and people who might exacerbate the fear that we are already experiencing. If all the information we listen to is negative, we are creating fear within us. However, if we expose ourselves to positive and uplifting information, we experience peace and serenity.

According to the US Department of Transportation, car accidents are one of the leading causes of unintended deaths. However, do we leave our homes every morning thinking thoughts of having an accident? NO… because all our energy would be focused on fear, panic and death. There is so much information that we are getting from all sources with regards to this virus. We wake up in the morning and our phones are filled with WhatsApp and text messages about the latest statistics, dos and don’ts, and symptoms of the virus. We then start passing around the messages to others in order to spread awareness. All along we keep experiencing fear and passing that onto others.

To cope with the virus we need a healthy body and a healthy mind. If we however keep living in the negativity and fear, our minds will impact our bodies and will prevent us from staying healthy enough to resist the virus. Fear is the biggest epidemic we have right now, so lets try to do our bit to socially distance ourselves from others who spread fear so we can save ourselves and the world!

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